Nonprofit Detective


Victor Rivera Labiosa, Leslie Barnes, Quyen Tu

On this episode, we’ll look at ways nonprofit employees can become super sleuths – detectives for their organization. Let’s say your organization has been asked to co-host an event with several new organizations with whom you’re unfamiliar. Or perhaps, your organization is drawing some unwanted opposition from an organization that is spreading misinformation about your mission and its work. On this episode, we’ll look at a variety of free, online tools you can use to learn about nonprofits, their leaders, and their funders as well as uncover bots spreading misinformation.  

Our Attorneys for This Episode:

Victor Rivera Labiosa Leslie Barnes Quyen Tu

Helpful Clues:

  • What you can glean from public records 
  • Where to look for news stories 
  • What to find on nonprofit and opposition websites 
  • Researching funders 
  • Uncovering messengers of misinformation – Astroturfing