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At AFJ’s founding, 20 organizations came together to protect constitutional rights. Our strength remains rooted in our more than 130 members, diverse in mission but united in our commitment to justice.

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Groundwork Project
Groundwork supports local community organizers in places where the fight isn't over one candidate or one election but over the survival of American democracy itself. From the Deep South to Appalachia and the Plains: We show up in the states too often written off and invest in the local leaders working year-round to secure justice, equity and democracy for all.
Project 50
Project 50's mission is to build and strengthen reproductive rights focused political organizations in every state. We identify state-based organizations that are looking to grow their political impact and collaborate to identify ways Project 50 can enhance their expertise and resources.
PFLAG is the first and largest organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people and their families.
Residents Organizing for Change FS Neighborhood Partnerships
Neighborhood Partnerships works with communities across Oregon to develop human-centered and emergent solutions to immediate harms; and to power liberatory and transformative change through organizing, policy advocacy, and narrative change. We center those most impacted by racial, housing, and economic injustice, directing our energy and resources toward building community power, knowledge, and capacity.
Oregon Center for Public Policy
OCPP is a non-partisan policy think tank whose mission is to achieve economic justice for all Oregonians through research, analysis, and advocacy. We work closely with community-based organizations to shape our policy and advocacy priorities.
Pueblo Unido
Pueblo Unido creates hope for and amplifies the voices of communities with vulnerable immigration status by connecting them to legal, social, and Indigenous language interpretation services. We envision a world in which all people live in freedom, and where they and their communities can be safe, feel supported, and thrive.
Beyond Toxics
Beyond Toxics uplifts voices from Oregon communities disproportionately impacted by pollution and climate change. We collaborate with other nonprofits, educators, and tribal organizations to build a movement to demand that state and local policies require fair, inclusive, and equitable access to clean air, clean water, and safe spaces for all to live and work in.
Next Up Action Fund
Next Up Action Fund engages the next generation of Oregon's leaders to build political power and fight for a more just and equitable Oregon. We work towards social, racial, gender, and economic justice by scaffolding youth to build individual and collective power, centering Black, Indigenous, youth of color, disabled youth, low-income youth, immigrant youth, queer and trans youth, and youth survivors.