Our Impact

Our 2023 Year in Review is here! Join us as we share a compelling narrative of progress, resilience, and collective action. Explore how, together with our dedicated supporters, allies, and partners, we’ve championed justice and fortified the pillars of democracy. Dive into our impact report and celebrate the impact we’ve made—together, we’re shaping a world where justice thrives and democracy flourishes.

2023 has been an enormously productive and inspiring year at the Alliance for Justice and the Alliance for Justice Campaign. This year, we launched new communications tools and programs, served over 6,500+ nonprofit advocates, held 300 Bolder Advocacy workshops, took our programs back to the grassroots, all while leading the advocacy work to support the confirmation of the largest number of movement lawyers in history.

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A report to our supporters, allies, and partners summarizing our work to fight for justice and protect our democracy.

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