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AFJ’s Mission

We build the strength of progressive movements by training and educating nonprofit organizations on advocacy, while harnessing their collective power to transform our state and federal courts.

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Securing a Constitution for all of us requires a judiciary that reflects the best of all of us. The nonprofit sector is uniquely equipped to mobilize society to achieve that crucial goal.

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Featured Federal Court Nominees

Nicole G. Berner
Headhsot of Nicole Berner against concrete background.

AFJ Supports

Nicole G. Berner


Circuit Court

Days Pending 98

Adeel A. Mangi

AFJ Supports

Adeel A. Mangi


Circuit Court

Days Pending 98

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Tracking Judicial Confirmations

Our courts teams partner with our diverse members and allies to champion movement lawyers, working to balance the judiciary by fighting for confirmations of equal justice champions.

  • 177 Biden Administration Confirmed Judges
  • 26 Pending Nominees to the Federal Bench
  • 11 Nominees Pending on the Senate Floor
  • 85 Federal Judicial Vacancies

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State Court Justice Project

The importance of having highly qualified judges on State Supreme Courts has never been more vital. Ninety-five percent of court cases are heard at the state level and ​​the decisions can change lives forever and have impacts for generations.

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Bolder Advocacy

Our one-of-a-kind, world class Bolder Advocacy program promotes active engagement in democratic processes and institutions by giving nonprofits and foundations the confidence to advocate effectively and by protecting their right to do so. Through our easy-to-use curriculum of training programs, technical assistance, workshops, and tools, we build grassroots power and boost advocacy capacity.

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