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Evaluating Advocacy


Tim Mooney, Shannon Williams


On this episode, we chat with Shannon Williams, Director of Bolder Advocacy’s Operations and Evaluation, to learn more about the use of evaluation tools to make our organizations better advocates. Measuring success is much more than identifying wins and losses, it includes improving capacity and other incremental steps to achieving policy goals.

Our Speakers for This Episode:

Shannon Williams Tim Mooney


  • Understanding Evaluation
  • Differences between advocacy and program evaluation.
  • Beyond Wins & Losses
    • Importance of considering interim milestones and not just the end goals.
    • The “attribution conundrum.”
    • Embracing complexity, focusing on contribution rather than attribution.
    • Building power and capacity as evaluation metrics.
    • Importance of sustainability and setting up for long-term success.
    • Understanding the vision of an organization and using the Theory of Change to achieve it.