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Advocacy in Action: People’s Parity Project


Quyen Tu, Tim Mooney


Consumers, Workers


On this episode, we are joined by special guest, Molly Coleman, the co-founder and executive director of People’s Parity Project (PPP), a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to harnessing the organizing power of lawyers and law students to create a legal system that prioritizes the people over corporate profits. Molly shares the inspiring journey of PPP, starting as a grassroots law student organizing effort to its current nationwide presence, fighting for a better legal profession and a justice-centered legal system. We explore the challenges and learning curves faced by PPP as a coalition of law students and new attorneys, the need for reform in legal education, and the importance of public engagement to effect change. Join us as we uncover the bold projects and imaginative strategies PPP is employing to shape a future where justice prevails.

Our Attorneys for This Episode:

Quyen Tu Tim Mooney

Featuring Special Guest: Molly Coleman, Co-Founder and Executive Director of People’s Parity Project


  • What is People’s Parity Project, and how did you get started?
  • Where does PPP draw its inspiration from?
  • As law students and new attorneys, what are the learning curves you face in this work and are there balancing advantages to the perspectives you bring?
  • What are your thoughts on law school reform?
  • What are things we need to fix the legal system?
  • How does the structure of being a (c)(3) organization help and hinder what you want to accomplish?
  • How can people get involved, including students looking to starting a a chapter at their law school or graduates starting one at their alma mater?