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Courting Change: 2023 Momentum for Movement Law

This report assesses the Biden administration’s most notable strides toward revitalizing our federal judiciary over the past calendar year. These achievements include not just continued commitment to the selection of nominees who exhibit both demographic and professional diversity but also an emphasis on the elevation of movement lawyers, whose careers reflect dedication to public service and the protection and expansion of civil and human rights.

Of the 166 judges confirmed over the past three years, 108 are women, 73 are women of color, 37 served as public defenders, and 24 have practiced civil rights law. Notably, President Biden has appointed more Black women to circuit courts than every other prior president in the history of our nation combined.

2023 was a telling year at the United States Supreme Court...

While public approval of the Court was at a record low following revelations around the far-right justices' unethical acts, 2023 was also a banner year for securing historic judicial nominations and confirmations. A phenomenal 69 judges were confirmed to lifetime federal positions in 2023 — including many critical firsts — and we move into 2024 with a renewed sense of power and purpose.

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