2022 End-of-Year Report

In 2022, Alliance for Justice continued the essential work of raising public awareness about the importance of the judiciary, advocating for ethical and impartial courts, and ensuring highly qualified professionally and demographically diverse federal judicial nominees are confirmed.



Of the 97 confirmations over the past two years, 73 are women, 46 are women of color, 29 were public defenders, and 12 were civil rights lawyers. Notably, President Biden has appointed more Black women to circuit courts as every other prior president in the history of our nation combined.

Examining the Significant Progress the Biden Administration has Made to Repair our Federal Judiciary

In a year when an extreme Supreme Court systematically dismantled decades of progress by undoing many of our most cherished rights, AFJ has nevertheless proceeded—and succeeded—in rebalancing our federal courts with fair-minded jurists who are committed to equal justice for all.

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