Tautianna Stringer

Database Manager

Tautianna Stringer is the Database Manager for AFJ.

Tautianna is a highly skilled civic engagement strategist and data analyst with a history helping organizations use data to enact change by making data relatable and understandable to all. She is well experienced in strategic planning, campaign field strategy, training and development, and ensuring implementation of intentional, equitable data practices. 

As a native of 53206, the zip code in Milwaukee, WI that boasts the highest percentage of incarcerated Black males in America, Tautianna has seen first hand the generational lack that a disenfranchised people often suffer, and has always known that she wanted to be a part of the solution. This awareness is what has driven her work as a canvasser to shift to local politics, with a focus in creating networks that support the use of culturally sensitive data collection practices. Outside of work, Tautianna enjoys raising her beautiful daughter in Harrisburg, PA while answering her calling to serve as a life coach through her healing network, “SHEManifestar.”