Meet Our Staff: Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort

Program Director, Bolder Advocacy

April 17, 2023

Meet Natalie, the Program Director of Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy program! Marrying her love for advocacy with her extensive legal background, Natalie brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and experience to the table. She joined AFJ because she was inspired by our focus on the power of nonprofit advocacy to drive policy change. As someone who has seen firsthand the impact of wrongful convictions, Natalie is dedicated to working towards a more just and equitable society.

Natalie’s previous experience as Executive Director and Chief Staff Attorney for the Innocence Project of Texas has been invaluable in her current role. Her time there allowed her to develop skills in coordinating with allied nonprofits, designing policy agendas, and communicating with government officials – all crucial aspects of her current work at AFJ.

When asked about her favorite project at AFJ, Natalie lights up about the Bolder Advocacy podcast. This new resource offers real-world examples of nonprofits engaging in advocacy and highlights the rules organizations need to know when embarking on advocacy campaigns. For Natalie, it’s exciting to see nonprofits maximizing their power and responding to attacks on our democracy in meaningful ways.

So what keeps her motivated and passionate about her work? The success stories of the nonprofit advocates she works with and supports. Whether it’s a successful ballot measure campaign to protect the right to abortion or rallying volunteers to advocate for expanding post-partum Medicaid coverage, advocacy wins are all around us. For Natalie, these wins are the reason she shows up to work every day ready and eager to fight the good fight.

When she’s not working hard to advance AFJ’s mission, Natalie loves to travel. Stepping away from work and the constant stream of news allows her to recharge and focus on the bigger picture. And speaking of AFJ’s mission, Natalie’s work with the Bolder Advocacy program is crucial in building the power of nonprofits to speak out in favor of positive policy change.

Natalie is an integral member of the AFJ team and a true champion for justice and civil rights. Her passion, experience, and dedication make her an inspiration to us all.