Voter Engagement Messaging and Activities for Private Foundations



Private and Public Foundation Advocacy

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Election season offers tremendous opportunities for private foundations to use their influence and networks to encourage active participation by all eligible voters. While the IRS does restrict private foundations from engaging in some activities, these restrictions only apply to lobbying, partisan activity (campaign intervention), and earmarking funds for voter registration drives. Bolder Advocacy released Quick Guide: Voter Engagement Messaging and Activities for Private Foundationsto provide an overview of the rules that apply to private foundation activities in an election year.

Key 2024 Dates:

*  Check your jurisdiction to see if you have access to early voting. If so, we encourage you to vote early.

Still unsure what to post on social media? Bolder Advocacy has put together a file of 501(c)(3) approved social media graphics for your use! Download the file to find a variety of animated and non-animated graphics, with or without our logo, that cover safe election topics.