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Advocacy vs. Lobbying: Language Guide



Funding Advocacy, Lobbying, Public Charity Advocacy

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In a new “Advocacy vs. Lobbying: Language Guide,” Bolder Advocacy Guest Contributor Dr. Sara Watson gives specific advice on the language for funder proposals, funder reports and organizational documents that distinguishes between advocacy (non-lobbying) and lobbying activities.

The brief covers the benefits of careful wording, general language for proposals, and an array of specific terms emphasizing lobbying versus non-lobbying advocacy activities.

For example, words such as “lobby, persuade, convince and win legislative victories” are more associated with lobbying, while “educate, inform, show and advance policy issues” convey non-lobbying activities. Use the best words to show your funders, board, and others that you say what you mean and mean what you say!

Dr. Watson is the founder of Watson Strategies LLC and has a thirty-year career in philanthropy and policy advocacy. She has written a variety of publications on foundation engagement in public policy advocacy.