Rules of the Game Podcast

Nonprofits are important advocates on issues critical to every community, but sometimes the rules and regulations of advocacy can be barriers to entry. In Rules of the Game, Bolder Advocacy attorneys use real examples to demystify these laws to help 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) nonprofits be bolder advocates, whether holding elected officials accountable, educating candidates, engaging voters, or lobbying for policy change.

Ep 97: Nonpartisan Election Year Advocacy

On this episode, we discuss best practices for 501(c)(3) public charities conducting advocacy and nonpartisan activities, like get out the vote or voter education activities during an election year. Election year is upon us and the presidential primaries and caucuses, and primaries for other elected offices are starting to take place and will continue through the November General election.

Ep 96: Ballot Measure Insights with Emma Olson Sharkey

On this edition, we’re thrilled to welcome Emma Olson Sharkey from Elias Law Group, bringing her fresh perspective after successfully guiding clients to victory in the critical 2023 Ohio reproductive rights ballot measure fight. Emma will help shed light on the essential considerations for tax-exempt organizations before taking the plunge into a ballot measure campaign.

Ep 95: Nonprofit New Year's Resolutions

On this episode, we’re going to talk about those pesky new year’s resolutions… and no, we’re not talking about signing up for a gym membership or signing up for a marathon. We’re talking about resolutions that nonprofit organizations can apply as we enter into the year 2024.

Ep 94: Firewalls and Programmatic Independence

On this episode, we discuss best practices for working in coalition and with affiliated organizations and the importance of firewalls to 501(c)(4)s that engage in independent expenditures.

Ep 93: 2023 Advocacy Successes

On this episode we’re excited to highlight nonprofit success stories from around the country. While we talk about lobbying on this podcast, legislative wins are one type of advocacy victory. We’ll look at some legislative victories as well as other types of advocacy such as relationship building, corporate advocacy, and funding wins.

Ep 92: Foundation Funding Tips for Public Charities

On this episode, we’re going to talk about funding… More specifically, how your nonprofit can raise dollars from private and public foundations to support your advocacy work.

Ep 91: PAC Taxonomy

On this edition, we revisit PACs by talking about three different categories you run into every election cycle. What makes a Super PAC super? What can a traditional PAC do? And will the IRS revoke your tax-exempt status if your charity has to register or form a ballot measure PAC?