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Yeomans: Will Trump Fire Rosenstein?

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Zack Ford

Washington, D.C., January 29, 2018 – In the latest edition of Yeomans Work, AFJ Goldfarb Fellow for Justice Bill Yeomans raises the question of job security for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Writes Yeomans: “Reports that Trump ordered the firing of Robert Mueller in June, but relented when White House Counsel Don McGahn balked, have morphed into reports that Trump now is eager to fire Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Rod Rosenstein.” Such a move would, of course, seriously endanger the Russia investigation. Yeomans goes on to note:

“The timing of the leak of Trump’s thwarted order to fire Mueller (seven months after the incident) spawned speculation that the obstruction noose was tightening and people in the White House – especially Don McGahn – were trying to save themselves, but it is also possible the leak was a trial balloon designed to take the current temperature on the firing of Mueller.  Republicans adamantly opposed the move seven months ago, but have muted their opposition since.  It’s also possible the leak was a bank-shot designed to elicit concern about Mueller to make the firing of Rosenstein seem less dramatic.”

While a pink slip for Rosenstein may not be coming immediately, Yeomans sounds a skeptical note about just how long he might last if Trump is determined to install a crony in his place.

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