Washington Times: Supreme Court: Alabama violated Voting Rights Act by drawing only one Black congressional district

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Alex Swoyer and Stephen Dinan



Voting Rights

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on June 8, 2023.

Alliance for Justice, a liberal legal group, said the Supreme Court “surprisingly” preserved voting rights, a rebuke of the conservative majority.

“Despite his fervent campaign to dismantle the Voting Rights Act, John Roberts managed to recognize what has long been obvious: Congress is committed to protecting voters from racial discrimination,” said Rakim H.D. Brooks, president of Alliance for Justice. “In this case, Alabama clearly targeted Black voters for discrimination, which plainly violates the VRA. So the court was forced to do the right thing and enforce the VRA, as designed. The evidence was just too obvious here; our protections against racial gerrymandering live to see another day.”

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