Washington Journal: John Malcolm and Rakim Brooks on the New Supreme Court Term

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This segment aired on C-SPAN on October 5, 2022.

John Malcolm from the Heritage Foundation and Rakim Brooks of the Alliance for Justice previewed the 2022-23 Supreme Court term, which began that week.

RAKIM BROOKS: It seems based on public polling that the Supreme Court is facing a legitimacy crisis. There’s a reason that the Chief Justice has commented on it. There’s a reason that Justice Alito has commented on it, and that Justice Kagan has commented on it. There is real concern that the Supreme Court is outpacing American society. Now of course, we don’t expect our courts ever to really be responsive to public opinion; that being said, there is ultimately a bridge too far, perhaps, for the American public. If we haven’t crossed it already, we may be just about to cross it this term.

Watch the segment here.