Washington Examiner: Starting pistol: ‘Tidal wave’ of gun laws struck down a year after Supreme Court Bruen ruling

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Kaelan Deese


Gun Safety

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on June 12, 2023.

While Thomas’s majority opinion effectively rendered public carry a constitutional right, the ruling notably draws limits, stating that “even if a modern-day regulation is not a dead ringer for historical precursors, it still may be analogous enough to pass constitutional muster.” Justice Brett Kavanaugh penned a concurring opinion joined by Chief Justice John Roberts that notes states can maintain licensing regimes such as background checks before issuing public carry permits.

While gun control activists have criticized the Supreme Court’s historical test, they contend that many gun restrictions will likely survive some legal challenges. “That means that judges can continue to find many gun regulations constitutional — if they so choose,” according to a March 17 blog post from the Alliance for Justice, a liberal judicial advocacy group.

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