USA Today: GOP billionaire Harlan Crow purchased property from Justice Clarence Thomas, according to new report

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John Fritze

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on April 13, 2023.

Several groups that are critical of the Supreme Court swiftly weighed in to question the propriety of the transaction and the legality of Thomas’ failure to disclose it.  

“The only person who doesn’t think Clarence Thomas abused the power of his office is Clarence Thomas,” said Rakim H.D. Brooks, president of the liberal Alliance for Justice, who called for Thomas to resign. “These revelations of his corruption undermine not only any trust we might have in his ability to fairly interpret the law but also our trust in the Supreme Court’s ability to fairly administer the law.” 

Pressure has been mounting on the nation’s highest court for years to adopt a code of ethics in line with what lower federal court judges must adhere to. So far, the Supreme Court has resisted formally embracing such a code. 

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