Trump’s March of the Hard-Right Judges: The Latest Nominee Opposes In-Vitro Fertilization

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Published in the Daily Beast

Pitlyk is a special counsel at the Thomas More Society, a pro-life law firm that advocates for religious freedom. She was part of the firm’s team that defended undercover activist David Daleiden, who filmed and selectively edited videos to accuse Planned Parenthood of fetal tissue trafficking back in 2015. 

The charges against Planned Parenthood were debunked—by a Republican-led House Oversight Committee, no less. Yet Pitlyk continued to describe the health care provider’s practices as “baby parts trafficking.” In a separate case, she accused Planned Parenthood of preying on low-income women through the location of their centers.     

“Even when the facts were clear, she continued to rely on misinformation. What does that say about her temperament to be a judge?” asks Dan Goldberg, Legal Director at the Alliance for Justice, a liberal advocacy group. 

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