Trump’s Judicial Nominees Are Finally Saying Brown V. Board Of Education Was Right After At Least One Republican Senator Complained

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Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, who has led the charge in asking nominees about Brown, and liberal advocacy groups told BuzzFeed News they were pleased with the recent change, but also said nominees shouldn’t get too much credit for what should have been an easy answer. Groups that hammered nominees on Brown said they’re also still worried about pending nominees who haven’t changed their previous answers.

“It’s obviously welcome that nominees over the last two hearings … have done the bare minimum of doing what [Chief Justice] John Roberts did 15 years ago, which is of course affirm the correctness of the landmark decision in American history,” said Dan Goldberg, legal director of Alliance for Justice.

Goldberg said they didn’t agitate about the Brown issue “in a vacuum” — many of Trump’s nominees had troubling records on civil rights issues, he said, and their non-answers raised real concerns about how nominees would apply the law on issues such as voting rights and education access if confirmed.

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