Trump’s ‘Assembly Line’ Of Right-Wing Judges Rolls On In Senate - Alliance for Justice

Trump’s ‘Assembly Line’ Of Right-Wing Judges Rolls On In Senate

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Published in Iowa Starting Line

The Senate adjourned for the August recess last week on the heels of another prolific week for judicial nominations.

The Republican-controlled chamber confirmed 12 new judges in a two-day period to lifetime appointments on district courts, including Illinois, Texas and Oregon. The previous week, two other judges were confirmed for district court seats.

According to Daniel Goldberg, legal director for the Alliance for Justice, a progressive judicial advocacy group, the volume of confirmations was concerning.

“Obviously it’s a lot, particularly when you consider that Mitch McConnell completely shut down confirmations for Barack Obama,” said Goldberg. “So, Merrick Garland is the most prominent, but that obstruction was carried over to lower court judges, too.”

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