TIME: Criminal-Justice Reform Was a Key Part of President Biden’s Campaign. Here’s How He’s Done So Far

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Josiah Bates


Criminal Justice

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on March 7, 2022.

He’s also nominated 75 people to federal courts, with 40 of them confirmed. Having said he would improve diversity among the ranks of people who enforce the justice system, over 60% of his nominees were people of color and 75% of them were women, according to a report by the Alliance for Justice. Under his presidency, 37 U.S. Attorneys have been nominated, 20 of whom are Black along with 13 women. Before Biden’s presidency, women of color only made up 4% of sitting federal judges. He’s nominated 31 women of color for federal judge positions in his first year, compared to two for former President Trump and nine for former President Obama.

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