These Are the Judges Who Will Decide Whether House Dems Should Get Unredacted Mueller Report

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Since Rao was confirmed in a 53-46 vote, critics have alleged that she’s acted less like a judge familiar with the law and more like a foot soldier for the Trump administration.

Rao was the lone dissent in a 2-1 decision that determined President Donald Trump’s tax returns must be provided to congressional investigators.

In her dissent she wrote, “allegations of illegal conduct against the President cannot be investigated by Congress except through impeachment,” which simply is not true–as many legal observers noted immediately after the decision.

“Neomi Rao’s dangerously expansive views on presidential power are well-documented,” wrote Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron. “She emphasized that there’s a limited ability to hold the President accountable while in office. By implication, she dismisses the notion that the President can be held accountable criminally.”

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