The judges Trump won’t get to appoint this year

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Zach Cohen

This excerpt is from a piece originally ran by National Journal on September 14, 2020.

Also waiting to advance is Alabama Solicitor General Edmund LaCour. The progressive group Alliance for Justice targeted his nomination for defeat, citing his record on voting and civil rights, and Democratic Sen. Doug Jones has the ability to block his advancement. Jones has voted to confirm every Alabama judge since he took office in 2018 with the exception of Judge Andrew Brasher, LaCour’s predecessor in Montgomery.

Progressives hope that leaving those vacancies open for a potential Biden administration and Democratic Senate to fill will yield more favorable nominees.

“We hopefully will have a new president in January, and Democratic senators then will have a terrific opportunity to put amazing jurists on the federal bench who are committed to equal justice and to expansive human and civil rights,” said Daniel Goldberg, the Alliance’s legal director. “… No Democrat should be, at this point, working to allow Donald Trump to fill these seats so close to an election.”

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