The Grio News with Marc Lamont Hill: Justice Thomas Corruption Revelations

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This clip aired on GrioTV on May 9, 2023.

Alliance for Justice President Rakim Brooks and ProPublica reporter Josh Kaplan joined Marc Lamont Hill to discuss new revelations of Justice Clarence Thomas’s corrupt financial relationship with billionaire Harlan Crow.


Think about all the major cases that are before the Court in any particular term. If you care about gun rights, for instance, and you’re the NRA, wouldn’t you want to have one of your major donors pay Justice Clarence Thomas to get a 5–4 decision, as they did in the Heller case? If you want to ensure that you hold legislative majorities across the South, in particular, but in states that are purple or just slightly red-leaning and want to seek to disenfranchise Black voters, wouldn’t you seek to have one of your donors pay Justice Clarence Thomas for a 5–4 decision in Shelby Count? On and on on!

We’ve got multiple cases coming before the Court this year. Consider the Dobbs case last year. Wouldn’t you want a major donor to somehow influence Justice Alito’s or Justice Thomas’s decision?