The 19th: Two years in, Biden has prioritized nominating women of color as judges

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Candice Norwood and Jasmine Mithani

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on January 26, 2023.

Biden has appointed more federal judges than any president since John F. Kennedy at this point in his presidency, but throughout 2022 Senate Democrats faced pressure from judicial advocacy groups like Alliance for Justice and Demand Justice to speed up the pace of his judicial confirmations for fear that his nominations would expire at the end of the year. A number of vacancies remain on the federal courts, which slows down their ability to move through the docket of cases, advocates said.

“That means that you’re not having our citizens get the justice that they need because of backlogs in courthouses,” Kimberly Humphrey, legal director for federal courts at Alliance for Justice, previously told The 19th.

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