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Supreme Court Rules Bribes are Fine if You’re Paid Later

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WASHINGTON, D.C., June 26, 2024 – Today the Supreme Court issued its decision in Snyder v. U.S., with the 6–3 conservative majority ruling to weaken bribery laws for public officials at the state, local, and tribal level to allow for “gratuities” — gifts and rewards paid after an action is taken.

As Justice Jackson wrote in her dissent, this “absurd and atextual reading of the statute is one only today’s Court could love.” Justices Alito and Thomas have been publicly scrutinized for some time now about the massive gifts they have received and the undue influence it may have on their jurisprudence. Thomas, in particular, has publicly changed his opinion on Chevron deference to conform to the preferences of his billionaire “friends,” which could be hugely consequential in another ruling expected in the coming days.

Alliance for Justice Vice President of Strategy Keith Thirion issued the following statement:

“The conservative justices ruling that it should be easier for public officials to receive gifts is perhaps the least surprising outcome of the term. While claiming to be concerned with bribery, the Court has just greenlit it by allowing payments after the fact in the form of rewards called ‘gratuities.’ Given the lavish gifts we know at least Justices Thomas and Alito have received, it’s no surprise that they’re quick to defend officials’ right to receive them.”