Summer Internships with Advocacy Organizations


Tim Mooney, Jairo Gomez


On this edition, we turn the mics on ourselves and feature two of our summer interns… what is it like to intern at an advocacy nonprofit and how do they contribute to the work we do at Alliance for Justice? 

Our Interns for This Episode:

Jasmin Azizi & Dylan Abrokwa-Jassor

Our Host & Executive Producer for This Episode:

Tim Mooney Jairo Gomez

Questions asked 

  • Tell us briefly about yourself. What are you currently studying? What are your career goals and why are you interested in that kind of work?
  • Why did you decide to intern with AFJ? Why do you think this work is important?
  • What was your understanding (or did you have any experience with this kind of work before) of this kind of work before interning with us?
  • How would you explain your team within AFJ does?
  • You do a lot of research in your role. Do you have any tips on being an efficient researcher? Have you noticed any improvement in that regard due to your time interning here?
  • Was there anything that surprised you or that you didn’t expect about interning for an advocacy nonprofit / AFJ?
  • What has been your proudest moment(s) interning with us?
  • How do you think your experiences in this internship will benefit you long term in terms of your career or even in your personal life?
  • Anything you would like our listeners or prospective interns at a nonprofit know about after your experience this summer?