Sessions Testimony Increases Concerns

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Carolyn Bobb

Washington, D.C., October 18 – Following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee at today’s hearing on the oversight of the Justice Department, Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron released the following statement:

“Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, actions taken by the Department of Justice have legitimized President Trump’s attacks on the bulwarks of our democracy. Sessions went out of his way today to evade critical questions by Democratic senators on the Russia investigation, voting rights, President Trump’s travel ban, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the firing of James Comey, freedom of the press, and LGBTQ discrimination. The American people deserve an explanation for the egregious actions the Department of Justice has taken under Jeff Sessions’s leadership. His testimony today failed to provide any clarity whatsoever and only increased concerns that Sessions has little regard for critical legal rights and protections.”