Rules of the Game: Tax Law and Elections with Erin Bradrick - Alliance for Justice

Rules of the Game: Tax Law and Elections with Erin Bradrick


Sarah Efthymiou, Tim Mooney


Native Americans


501(c)(4) Advocacy, Affiliated Organizations, Community Organizing, Election Related Activities, Influencing Legislation, Lobbying, Public Charity Advocacy

On this episode we are joined by Erin Bradrick, a principal at Neo Law Group, to delve into the complexities of tax law and its implications for nonprofit organizations during election seasons. Our discussion focuses on the distinctions between 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations, the specific rules governing their political activities, and the strategies nonprofits can employ to navigate these regulations while effectively advocating for their causes to ensure compliance without sacrificing impact.

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About this Episode

  • 501(c)(3)s vs. 501(c)(4)s
  • Election Activities and Enforcement
  • Nonpartisan Election Activities
  • Voter engagement activities (registration, get-out-the-vote)
  • Issue advocacy, voter education, and candidate education
  • Commenting on sitting elected officials in their official capacity
  • Challenges in Current Political Climate
  • Fiscal Sponsorships
  • Practical Advice for Nonprofits