Rules of the Game 100: Bold AF with Vu Le


Tim Mooney, Quyen Tu, Vu Le


Influencing Legislation, Lobbying, Public Charity Advocacy

For our 100th episode, we are excited to chat with the incomparable Vu Le of Nonprofit AF. Vu brings his unique blend of insight, humor, and a pinch of provocation to the table, all wrapped up in the perspectives you’ve come to know from his writing. Vu is a treasure trove of wisdom for the nonprofit world and his takes are all his own and don’t necessarily reflect those of Alliance for Justice. A huge thank you for listening (and occasionally watching) our brand of spicy tax law for these 100 episodes, and what a better way to celebrate than with a guest who’s not afraid to shake things up all in the name of progress and passion for the cause.

Our Attorneys for This Episode:

Tim Mooney Quyen Tu

About this Episode:

  • Introduction to Vu Le: His background and approach to writing about the nonprofit sector.
  • Humor and Seriousness in Nonprofit Work: The balance between using humor and addressing serious topics in the sector.
  • Finding One’s Voice in the Nonprofit Space: Advice on how to develop a unique voice and perspective.
  • Critiques of Nonprofit and Philanthropy Practices: Vu’s views on overhead costs, salary transparency, lack of investment in advocacy, and the need for nonprofits to challenge conventional practices.
  • Role of Funders and Power Dynamics: Discussion on how funders influence the nonprofit sector, the concept of “funder fragility,” and the push for transparency and honesty in grantmaking.
  • Advocacy and Legal Challenges: The importance of advocacy work, the challenges faced by nonprofits in political environments, and the need for legal support.
  • Celebrating Nonprofit Achievements: Acknowledgment of the sector’s vital role in societal progress and the need for greater appreciation and support.
  • Predictions and Challenges for the Future: Reflections on the sector’s future challenges, including political influences and the need for a unified response to societal issues.

Read more of Vu’s work at Nonprofit AF.