Roll Call: Biden judicial nomination train heading for purple and red states

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Megan Mineiro

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on January 10, 2021.

That is a big contrast with his predecessor: 76 percent of Donald Trump’s 226 confirmed judges were men and 85 percent were white. In comparison, President Barack Obama, with Biden as his vice president, made adding diversity to the federal benches a priority in his judicial selection process. Of Obama’s more than 300 appointees, 64 percent were white — the lowest percentage of any president before Biden — and 42 percent were women — the highest of any president pre-Biden, according to Alliance for Justice statistics.


Daniel L. Goldberg, legal director of the advocacy group Alliance for Justice, said he’s confident “this was not just a one-off” and Biden’s commitment to diversity will continue over the next three years. 

“If Republicans blindly obstruct, do not negotiate in good faith, block demographically and professionally diverse nominees, then I think the expectation is that — for the functioning of our justice system — the Senate needs to confirm President Biden’s eminently qualified jurists,” Goldberg said. 

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