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Roe at Risk: Fighting for Reproductive Justice



Reproductive Rights

AFJ’s award-winning 2013 First Monday video, Roe at Risk, documents the disturbing reality that 40 years after Roe v. Wade women across the country are seeing their reproductive rights slip away. Increasingly radical state laws:

  • Place impossible requirements on abortion providers
  • Compel women to undergo intrusive procedures
  • Drastically reduce the length of time during which abortion is legal
  • Grant fetuses “personhood” rights.

Actress and activist Amy Brenneman, star of Judging Amy and Private Practice, narrates the film, which describes the full scope of attacks on women’s constitutional rights nationwide, while telling the story through the prism of women’s day-to-day struggles in Mississippi and Texas. These two states faced the dramatic and wrenching consequences of radical anti-abortion legislation. But they’re also places where women and their allies fought back, standing up strongly for their constitutional right to reproductive freedom and justice.