Republicans Have Been Winning On Judges For Decades. Democrats Have Barely Talked About It.

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Dan Goldberg, legal director of Alliance for Justice, said it also isn’t weighing in on the structural reforms debate. Earlier this year, the group launched a project called “Building the Bench” aimed at identifying potential candidates for the Supreme Court and lower courts — Goldberg said they want a future Democratic president prepared to consider nominees from day one.

Alliance for Justice doesn’t plan on releasing its list, earning criticism from the conservative Judicial Crisis Network, which pointed to Trump’s decision to publish his list of Supreme Court shortlisters. Goldberg said that criticism was “very rich” given that Trump’s campaign and the White House haven’t released names they’ve considered for the lower courts. As for the Supreme Court, Goldberg said the organization’s project wasn’t intended as a take-it-or-leave-it proposition for a future Democratic president.

“Our intent is to be a resource for senators and for a Democratic White House in making sure, as they’re considering who to nominate, they have the broadest pool,” Goldberg said.

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