Politico: The Jackson Hearings Were an Opportunity for the GOP. They Didn’t Take It. (Opinion)

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Sheryll Cashin

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on March 24, 2022.

She uses the methods of conservative “originalists” and “textualists” paying close attention to the “original public meaning” of texts. But she refuses to be labelled or ideological about her methods, which is much closer to the actual practice of current justices. Perhaps Jackson’s great care and transparency in adjudicating explains why she has been endorsed by a wide array of voices, including the Fraternal Order of Police and conservative retired Judges Thomas Griffith, J. Michael Luttig and David Levi. She is impartial and utterly in the mainstream of American jurisprudence. With nearly 600 trial court opinions she was reversed or vacated only 14 times, well below judicial averages, according to the Alliance for Justice.

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