Park, Bianco Nominations Should Not Go Forward

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Carolyn Bobb

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 12, 2019 – Alliance for Justice today released its reports on the records of Michael Park and Joseph Bianco, President Trump’s nominees for seats on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. AFJ President Nan released the following statement:

“Michael Park has made opposition to civil rights a centerpiece of his legal career. He is especially hostile to equal opportunity programs, and is best known as the lawyer who is suing Harvard University over its admissions policies. He’s also representing the Trump Administration in its cynical effort to insert a citizenship question into the census. Not only that, his nomination — along with that of another Second Circuit nominee from New York, Joseph Bianco — is being pushed forward over the objections of both of his home-state senators, Senators Charles Schumer and Kirstin Gillibrand. Unfortunately, the Judiciary Committee is still operating in 2019 exactly as it did in 2018 and 2017: abusing the process in order to pack the courts with more and more Trump nominees.”