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On this edition, we revisit PACs by talking about three different categories you run into every election cycle. What makes a Super PAC super? What can a traditional PAC do? And will the IRS revoke your tax-exempt status if your charity has to register or form a ballot measure PAC? We’re delving into PAC taxonomy to answer these questions today!

Our Attorneys for This Episode:

Susan Finkle-Sourlis Tim Mooney Quyen Tu

In This Episode

Defining the various types of PACs. We came up with two approaches. 

  1. What activity you want to undertake?
  2. What kind of money you want to raise and in what amount?

What is your priority? If you want the most freedom in activities, then there are more restrictions on fundraising or vice versa. 

We’re covering three types of PACs: 

  1. Super PACs sometimes called IE PACs
  2. Traditional PACs (could be state or federal)
  3. Ballot Measure PACs