No Need to Rush – Your 990 Deadline is Now Extended


Natalie Roetzel Ossenfort

While nonprofits across the United States are continuing to adapt to the demands of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is also modifying its procedures to conform with the rapidly changing times. The IRS announced last week that it is extending the deadline for nonprofit organizations to file Form 990-series information returns.

While many organizations would normally be expected to submit their 990s between April and July, they now have until July 15. With many organizations working entirely remotely, this should provide a welcome reprieve to those who don’t have the same access to files and can’t meet with each other in person to collaborate on the necessary preparations.

Organizations will not be required to submit a request for an extension to take advantage of the new filing date. So don’t worry! There are no extra forms to fill out. It’s free extra time to submit your usual forms.

If an organization needs an additional extension to file its 990-series return, it can submit Form 8868 before July 15 to obtain more time. Do note, however, that the six-month extension will be based on the organization’s original filing deadline, not the newly established July 15 filing date.

For more information about Form 990 and who is required to file, please visit the IRS’s 990 Resources and Tools website here.