New Justice Thomas Revelations Reveal Even Deeper Corruption 

In the News

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 4, 2023 – Today ProPublica shared new reporting revealing that Justice Clarence Thomas’s financial relationship with billionaire Republican megadonor Harlan Crow went even further than the lavish vacations previously reported. Crow also appears to have covered the tuition costs to send Thomas’s grandnephew, Mark Martin, to private schools. Thomas was Martin’s legal guardian and had been raising the then-teenager “as a son,” but it was Crow who was paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for his education. 

With this revelation, we now know that Crow had incredible financial control over Thomas’s life. Beyond just vacations, Crow was paying for the house Thomas’s mother lived in and the schooling for his son, in addition to the massive funds he poured into his wife Ginni’s political advocacy group. This level of influence over one of the most powerful men in the country is unacceptable. Alliance for Justice renews its calls for Thomas to resign. 

Alliance for Justice President Rakim H.D. Brooks issued the following statement: 

“First, it was the luxury trips, then it was the real estate purchase, and today we learn about the private school tuition. When will it stop? How much more is there that went undisclosed over all these many years? 

“One thing is unequivocally certain: Justice Thomas is no longer fit to serve on the Supreme Court. Each of these revelations calls into question Thomas’s independence and threatens the rule of law. Imagine how the nation would have reacted if these ‘gifts’ had been uncovered during Bush v. Gore — or any of the major 5-4 decisions of the past two decades. Faith in the independence of the judiciary would have collapsed instantly and the Supreme Court would not have been able to carry out its essential duties. That is where we are today. 

“As long as Justice Thomas remains on the bench, the Court cannot function because the American people will have neither fidelity nor trust to an institution that would permit such shocking and severe misconduct. He must resign.”