New Group Plans Aggressive Defense of Trump Court Picks

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Published in Bloomberg Law

President Donald Trump’s nominees have a new and combative ally in the judicial battles that could include another Supreme Court appointment and hot-button advocacy around the 2020 presidential campaign.

The newly-launched Article III Project will “punch back” and help Trump appointees during the confirmation process and even after they’ve taken the bench, the effort’s founder and president Mike Davis said in a release announcing A3P.

Trump nominees are facing “unprecedented obstruction and baseless attacks by Senate Democrats and their left-wing allies,” the former Senate Judiciary Committee chief nominations counsel said.

A3P plans to get involved in confirmation fray immediately, including this week’s fights over the nominations of Daniel Collins and Daniel Bress to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Davis said in an interview. Collins likely will get a confirmation vote this week, and Bress has a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

The confirmation fight last year over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was ferociously partisan. Democrats since have amplified their frustration with Trump and Senate Republicans over the accelerated nomination process and their drive to reshape the courts with conservatives.

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