National Law Journal: ‘One Helluva Legacy’: Liberals Cheer Biden’s First Judicial Nominees, But Say Work Remains

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Jacqueline Thomsen

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on March 30, 2021.

>> Nan Aron, Alliance for Justice president: “We commend President Biden for nominating stellar lawyers to serve on our nation’s federal courts. Today’s nominees embody the demographic and professional diversity and forward-thinking that will ensure justice is served to the American people when they enter a courtroom. … Alliance for Justice plans to fight like never before to ensure these incredibly qualified nominees receive the confirmations they deserve. We have already seen Senate Republicans’ willingness to maliciously smear Biden’s nominees, particularly targeting those who are not white men. We will not abide their callous attacks. Today’s nominees, and the many more outstanding jurists to come, will be confirmed.”

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