Nan Aron on Bolder Advocacy


Tim Mooney, Nan Aron


On this edition, our first interview. These will be chats with nonprofit leaders, discussing the ins and outs of advocating on the issues of the day. We’ll mix these in with our episodes on rules and advocacy in action as a way to bring insight to the rules we cover and elevate the voices of the groups we work with and the folks making substantive policy changes through their advocacy. For our first interview, Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron.

As loyal listeners to this show know, we’re attorneys with AFJ’s Bolder Advocacy Program. So we brought Nan on to talk about Bolder Advocacy’s fascinating 80s era origin story, its early successes, and challenges, how we’ve evolved through the years, and what Nan’s optimistic about as she prepares to move on to her next adventure.

On This Episode:

Tim Mooney Nan Aron