Nan Aron at The Hill: Investigate the shadow network of billionaires funding Supreme Court justices


Nan Aron


Money in Politics

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on August 2, 2023.

Nearly all of the court’s ethical scandals are tied to the Federalist Society, its leader Leonard Leo and his shadowy network of Republican billionaires, nonprofit groups and consulting firms. Following the Federalist Society’s money trail raises serious questions about how the Supreme Court’s conservative justices fund their lifestyles, their fidelity to government ethics laws and the possible influence Republican billionaires wield over Supreme Court decisions.

Aping Chief Justice Roberts, Leo is refusing to cooperate with Senate investigators’ requests for information.

To restore faith in the court, the Senate needs to use its full investigatory powers to compel answers from Leo, the Federalist Society and its donors about their financial influence over the court.

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