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Live Now: 2 New Redistricting Resources



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This year, every state must draw new legislative districts to reflect population changes. Even though the Census Bureau is still processing data, this once every decade redistricting process is already underway in many states.

This why Bolder Advocacy is glad to share two new redistricting resources free to download right now:

Since redistricting processes vary from state-to-state, these factsheets detail the considerations that nonprofits and private foundations should take when speaking up and engaging around fair redistricting in the communities that we serve. For some examples on state redistricting processes and restrictions, check out our resource on Influencing Redistricting in California.

Bolder Advocacy believes that fair redistricting is necessary to ensure that communities’ voices are not diluted or intentionally split apart. We know that nonprofits and private foundations can serve an instrumental role when the lines get drawn.

We hope these resources are helpful and we stand ready to help!