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Law360: Who’s On Biden’s Supreme Court Longlist?

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Jimmy Hoover

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on February 11, 2022.

“The president has put in place a really thoughtful process to do meaningful consultation with both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill, and he has said he is going to spend the weekend at Camp David reviewing backgrounds of the individuals, so I think the president has laid out a very full process,” said Daniel Goldberg of the left-leaning Alliance for Justice.

It would be a “disservice” to focus solely on Judges Jackson, Kruger and Childs when there “are scores of eminently qualified, remarkable Black women on and off the bench who would be great Supreme Court justices,” Goldberg said.


Though not a federal appeals court judge, 58-year-old Judge Wilhelmina Wright of the District of Minnesota has had no shortage of experience working in the legal system, having served as a federal prosecutor and then as a state trial, appellate and high court judge.

“I think she’s somebody who is eminently qualified to sit on the Supreme Court in terms of just her raw credentials,” Alliance for Justice’s Goldberg said. “Beyond that, she’s somebody who, as a judge, has issued incredibly thoughtful opinions that demonstrate a commitment to equal justice under the law.”

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