Law360: High Court Contender’s Ruling Reversed In Subway Death Suit

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Jimmy Hoover

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on February 16, 2022.

During her D.C. Circuit confirmation in the spring of 2021, the left-leaning group Alliance for Justice
reported at the time that Judge Jackson had been reversed “less than 12 times” out of nearly 600


Dan Goldberg of the Alliance for Justice told Law360 Tuesday that Whiteru v. WMATA does not affect
Judge Jackson’s qualifications for the nation’s top bench.

“What’s important regarding Judge Jackson is that she has a distinguished record as somebody who
has a deep-seated commitment to equal justice under the law,” he said. “The fact that in one
particular case different judges came to different conclusions in no way suggests that she’d be
anything but an outstanding Supreme Court justice.”

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