Law360: Dems Aim To Build On Judge Confirmation Success In 2022

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James Arkin

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on January 3, 2021.

Rakim Brooks, president of the Alliance for Justice, said the group planned to push Democrats on filling red-state vacancies, and acknowledged it could be a point of “tension” next year.

“Everybody is willing to go ahead and confirm the people we can confirm in the places we have agreement with the senators,” Brooks said. “We and other groups will certainly push the administration in states where there are two Republican senators and say those states deserve justice, too. We can’t just give up on them because Republicans refuse to play ball.”


The White House in a recent press release touted several firsts, including Second Circuit Judge Beth Robinson, the first openly LGBT woman on an appellate court, and Judge Zahid Quraishi of the District of New Jersey, who was confirmed as the first Muslim American federal judge.

“This is good for collegiality, it’s good for outcomes, it’s good for helping young lawyers who want to be judges choose different paths than they otherwise might choose,” Brooks said.

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