Law & Crime: Biden Announces Seventh Batch of Nominees for Lifetime Federal Judgeships — Here’s What We Know

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Colin Kalmbacher

This excerpt is from a piece that originally ran on September 8, 2021.

Alliance for Justice, a center-left legal advocacy organization, praised Biden’s latest picks as “eminently qualified” and hewed closely to the White House’s own script about promoting demographic and professional diversity on the bench.

“The White House’s latest nominees are simply outstanding,” Alliance for Justice President Rakim Brooks said in a statement. “They are professionally diverse, they come from a diverse array of backgrounds, and their clients and the litigants that have appeared before them represent the full range of American identities and experiences. This is exactly the kind of slate AFJ advocated for at the beginning of this presidential administration, and these are exactly the kind of candidates that we hope to see President Biden continue to appoint to the federal bench across our country. Our justice system is well served to have judges who have served as public defenders and civil rights litigators. We applaud the senators who recommended these diverse and unquestionably qualified nominees, and we urge the Senate to confirm them as soon as possible.”

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