Latest Justice Thomas Revelation Requires Recusal and Resignation 

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Zack Ford

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 22, 2023 – The latest Supreme Court ethics bombshell reported by ProPublica reveals that Justice Clarence Thomas has attended multiple secret retreats hosted by the Koch brothers, including a fundraising event in 2018. These trips once again included private jet travel that Justice Thomas failed to disclose, an apparent violation of federal law. 

Moreover, Justice Thomas has ruled on multiple significant cases brought by the Koch network and is set to hear another this term called Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo. That case, which seeks to overturn a Supreme Court precedent known as Chevron doctrine, could eliminate the ability of government experts to oversee the vital policies of our nation and would constitute a massive power grab by an already untrusted Court. 

Jake Faleschini, Justice Program Director at Alliance for Justice, released the following statement: 

“Hardly a week goes by before we learn of even more egregious ethics violations by Justice Thomas or other members of this corrupt Supreme Court. Helping fundraise for organizations that bring cases before the Court is totally indefensible, but it’s particularly despicable given how much harm the Koch network has done to our environment, working families, and civil rights.  

“Justice Thomas must resign and also recuse himself in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo. He is legally bound to recuse himself in cases that would create even the ‘appearance of impropriety,’ and it’s impossible to be impartial given he’s helped fundraise for the Koch attorneys representing the plaintiffs. Justice Thomas’s greed and corruption is a blight on our justice system.”