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Jennifer Sung And Beth Robinson Encapsulate Ideals For Judicial Experience And Diversity

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Zack Ford

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 21, 2021 – This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on the nominations of two distinguished nominees to important seats in our nation’s circuit courts: Beth Robinson (Second Circuit) and Jennifer Sung (Ninth Circuit). Both nominees advanced, but their votes were incredibly tight, with Senate Republicans lining up rank-and-file to oppose them. Due to a tie vote, Sung’s nomination will require a rare discharge petition on the floor. 

Justice Beth Robinson has spent nearly a decade serving on the Vermont Supreme Court. Prior to that, she spent her career successfully litigating on behalf of families and workers. Most notably, she successfully fought on behalf of same-sex couples seeking legal recognition in the state. Judge Robinson’s legal record is unassailable, and she would also make history as the first openly lesbian judge to ever serve as a member of a U.S. Court of Appeals.  

Jennifer Sung is likewise an incredibly accomplished attorney who has fought on behalf of low-wage factory and grocery store workers, taxi drivers, restaurant servers, nursing home and home health workers, hospital nurses, teachers, and labor unions. Ms. Sung brings her own judicial experience, having served on the Oregon Employment Relations Board, where she has been adjudicating disputes over unfair labor practices and employment litigation since 2017. Ms. Sung would also make history as the first member of the Asian American Pacific Islander community to be nominated and confirmed to the federal bench in Oregon. 

Alliance for Justice President Rakim Brooks issued the following statement: 

“By voting against Jennifer Sung and Beth Robinson, Senate Republicans have once again made clear they are placing their own political interests above the best interests of the nation. Sung and Robinson could not be more qualified to serve our nation as federal judges. Justice Robinson successfully fought for a landmark civil rights decision and has served on Vermont’s highest court for nearly a decade. Jennifer Sung has spent her entire career litigating on behalf of workers and has unique and noteworthy experience as a member of the Oregon Employment Relations Board. While we expect Justice Robinson and Jennifer Sung to be confirmed, we will not forget how Republicans soured what should be a bipartisan process with their votes today.” 

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